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Technical Security Counter Measure Services

THE DETECTIVE AGENCY is one of the leading firms in South Florida serving the tri-county areas of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach specializing in checking for privacy intrusions into businesses, VIP's homes, and Multi-national organizations worldwide. The name for this service is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, abbreviated TSCM.

TSCM or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is often one of the most common and perhaps misunderstood counter-intelligence services offered by the private security and investigative industries.

TSCM surveys are usually referred to and advertised as "debugging", "sweeping", "tap detection" or electronic counter-surveillance services.

TSCM is a counter-intelligence function to detect espionage that is conducted through the illegal use of electronic, optical or other sensing devices to gain confidential, privileged, or protected information.

We offer TSCM services, support of personal and VIP protection programs, provision of secure environments for special meetings or activities and consultations on matters relating to protection of information, conversations and communications.

We have trained staff with extensive knowledge of TSCM procedures and practices. We have modern equipment offering RF detection from 10 kHz to well in the microwave frequencies beyond 20 GHz (20 000 MHz).

TSCM is a specialized counter intelligence service .We offer Level 3+ TSCM survey services. We are capable of detecting covert eavesdropping devices that use exotic modulation techniques, such as encryption, spread spectrum, frequency hopping, and digital modulation. These types of technical surveillance devices are normally used for corporate espionage .

We use a minimum of two to three technicians when conducting surveys and follow a systematic approach that covers the radio frequency spectrum analysis, carrier curruent , telephone Instrument, line and system analysis, non-linear junction detection and a thorough physical inspection. This is followed-up with a written report detailing the scope of the work done with a record of all detected and analyzed signals.

When choosing someone to conduct electronic debugging services for your company it is important to verify training and experience. If they are vague about their formal training it is understandable, as they have probably never attended any courses or workshops on the subject.

Please do not call us from a suspect telephone when calling about our wiretapping and debugging services.



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