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United States vs. Charles Spencer


Southern District of Ohio


Conspiracy with multiple defendants. Organizing deals of Heroin, Fentanyl, and Crack Cocaine; Racketeering and Conspiracy; First Degree Murder


Plea- Client plead Guilty no cooperation sentenced to 4 years

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Prosecution's theory of case

The client was the leader and organizer of a criminal organization that sold drugs in Dayton, Ohio and elsewhere. At the clients direction and under his supervision, members of his criminal organization sold Heroin, Fentanyl, and Crack Cocaine.

Details of Investigation

Constructed 18 page outline regarding case conspiracy, surveillance and undercover operation by DEA, FBI, an local law enforcement, wiretap applications and orders, tracking of all electronic devices, break down of wiretap affidavit regarding more that 10 mentioned un-indicted co-conspirators, break down of all dates and times of text messages, determined identities of all confidential informants, Tracked all physical surveillance logs by law enforcement. Determined that primary informant was major drug dealer who, recruited his cousin to impersonate the client at the behest of the DEA. Conducted background investigations and interviewed client regarding current case and prior criminal history; investigated and located over 15 defense witnesses nationwide. Interviewed and did extensive background, criminal history, and family location checks. Interviewed and located over 20 civilian witnesses in Ohio, and throughout the U.S. Took pictures and investigated the homicide case and crime scene. Located and retrieved numerous records, documents, and reports throughout the State of Ohio, regarding clients past and present cases. Located names and address of all governmental confidential informants, and dates of interviews. Located the following toll records: cellular, pager, and home telephone. Reviewed over 5,000 wiretap conversations. Subpoenaed numerous witness, and documents nationwide for case. Obtain and help design numerous trial exhibits consisting of charts, graphs, and diagrams.