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United States vs. Jerome Earls


Superior Court for the District of Columbia


Murder I While Armed (Premeditated)



Prosecution's theory of case

The client was charged with first degree murder for riding around Northeast Washington DC looking for the victim. The client rode past the victims mothers house, as well as the victims girlfriend house on the day that the victim was killed. The victim was killed when he pulled up at a stop light that the client was stopped at. The victim had his girlfriend in the car with him. This whole case was about the victim owing the client for an unpaid drug debt.

Details of Investigation

Conduct background investigations and interview client regarding current case and prior criminal history; located and interviewed all involved witnesses. Interviewed an eyewitness that stated the decedents conversation consisted of killing the client every single day. That the decedent rode around looking for the defendant, and calling his girlfriends cell phone trying to find out where the defendant resided. I learned the identity of the only eyewitness to the murder (the decedent's girlfriend). Found out that the decedent's mother was arrested for threatening the decedent's girlfriend. We took statements and pictures of the crime scene, measurements of the area around the intersection that the incident happened in. We prepared affidavits for witnesses; Located and reviewed records, and discovery from entire period of arrest to crime charged, to trial.